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Responsible for the creation of the web site
Anagnostopoulou - Bei Androniki, Ph.D.

Bouritsa Myrto
Librarian of the Presidency of the Republic

Responsible for the update of the web site
Bouritsa Myrto
Librarian of the Presidency of the Republic

Construction of web site

Koutsi Danai

English translation
Kalogeropoulou Anne

French translation
Evily Ailianou

Photographic material
The photographs have been generously supplied by:

  • For the "Presidential Mansion"
    Karallis Vangelis, Axelis Nikos
    PHOTOSHOP, Vironos and Hatzopoulou 35, Lamia
  • For "Presidential Engagements"
    GREEK DIPOMATIC LIFE, Boutsikos News Reports

For the photographic material we would also like to thank: Beldekos George, the Anagnostopoulos brothers, the Paterakis brothers, Retzis Gregory.

Our thanks to Mrs. Adami-Kardamitsi Maro, Associate Professor at the Technical University of Athens, for her contribution to the text of the "Presidential Mansion" and to Dr. Kapetis Chrysostomos, in charge of the Library Information System at the Economic University of Athens, for his valuable help and unwavering support throughout the construction of the web site.
We would also like to thank our colleagues at the Presidency of the Republic who have allowed us access to their files, thus enabling us to gather the material for the President's "Engagements Diary" and have contributed to the writing of the texts on the web site.