With an uninterrupted view of the National Gardens, this room occupies the largest portion of the front part of the first floor. Six large windows throw abundant light on the area while a door leads to the central balcony over the porch at the main entrance.

The two old marble fireplaces are flanked by four illuminated display cabinets. Two of these contain excellent examples of contemporary Greek silverwork, belts, brooches, long earrings, snuff boxes and ammunition pouches, on loan from the Benaki Museum. In the other two are ancient vases, lecythi, statuettes and other Mycenaean, Geometrical, Corinthian, Boeotian, Attican and Hellenistic archaeological finds, on loan from the Archaeological Museum.

On the walls of the large salon hang the paintings: "Acropolis" by T. Lazaris, "Sounion" by K. Volanakis and "Boy with a briefcase" by Drouais, portraits and other works by B. Bokatsiabeis, Hadzis, A. Fokas and Allieri. A large painting of Queen Amalia at an early age by an unknown artist dominates the room.