Presidential Mansion,  December 31, 2009

Dear friends,


It is at this time of the year every year that some of us seek the pleasure of the holidays in materialistic terms. I believe that greater emotional satisfaction can be obtained by focusing on making a contribution. Each of us has something to give to his fellow man who is suffering from illness, poverty, loneliness, exclusion, lack of prospects and hope.


 My thoughts are first and foremost with the weak, the defenceless and the wronged. I would like to let them know of my concern for everything the State should be doing for them and my sorrow for everything they have been deprived of.


 My thoughts also go out to the young people who are called upon to survive in an ever more competitive, ever harsher environment, increasingly barren of humanist values and vision.


 Dear friends,


I would especially like to send my wishes to everyone today who is far from his or her own loved ones; to our soldiers, those working in hospitals and patients there, our seamen, to every one of our fellow citizens who is not spending today celebrating.


 I would also like to send a message to our fellow Greeks who live abroad, who long for their homeland, often with a deep sense of pain.


 I am fully convinced of the creative potential of the Greek people and of their ability to overcome adversities and difficulties. It is now commonplace that the time has come for decisive changes in how theGreek State operates and in our collective outlook and perception. Over the course of its history, Hellenism has shown that it deals better with the major issues than with the minor ones. Nowadays, we are facing major issues. I am optimistic that 2010 will be a better year for the many.


With those thoughts in mind, I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.


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