In the Entrance Hall of the Presidential Mansion, the President of the Republic welcomes his guests during official receptions and visits.

Constructed of white Pendelicon marble and flanked by solid Ionic columns, the entrance is discreetly lit through a large square skylight which allows abundant natural light to enter. An interesting feature of the Hall is the use by Ziller of imitation marble on the walls. To the right and left of the main entrance are busts of our national poets, Dionysios Solomos, and Angelos Sikelianos, the work of the sculptors S.Triantis and T.Apartis respectively.

The wide marble staircase which leads to the first floor branches out into two symmetrical parts on the landing. On the first floor, both the columns which surround it and the decorative door frames are built in the Corinthian order.

The wall opposite the landing is dominated by a painting by the artist George B. Scott. Painted in 1914, it depicts King Constantine I as a victorious army commander on horseback. Scott has encircled the main subject with a wide laurel wreath and the inscriptions Yannina, Yannitsa, Sarantaporo, Beles, Kilkis and Lahanas, place names which bring to mind the great victories of the Greek army in the Balkan wars of 1912-13.