This is a simple, unadorned yet intimate and bright room with large windows overlooking the garden. It is here that the President of the Republic receives his official visitors, Presidents, Prime Ministers etc. as well as ordinary citizens.

The oak bookcases with mainly historical, literary and philosophical works are an integral part of the President's office. A yataghan and a pair of pistols, both weapons of the Greek revolution of 1821, and also two small paintings adorn the area.

The paintings, which depict scenes from the Greek Revolution, are the work of E. Delacroix and P. Hess: "Markos Botsaris receives communion before the attack on Karpenissi" and "Fighters gazing at the Acropolis". Behind the President's imposing desk, which is said to have belonged to King George I of Greece, hang two Byzantine icons.

The anteroom is also lined with bookcases and decorated with "Old Athens" by S. Vassiliou above the fireplace and a seascape by I. Altamouras.